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You have probably heard a lot of people saying they that have had their furniture restored. But what does it actually mean? Here is a quick guide to assist you; it is by no means exhaustive, but it should put you on track to ask the right questions and make the right choices with the help of your experienced furniture restorer.

Repairing a piece of furniture may form part of the restoration, as it will allow your piece of furniture to become usable again, however furniture restoration is in itself an art form.

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Furniture restoration may involve cleaning your treasured piece of furniture so that some of the dirt and grime is removed without removing the patina. Patina is very important. In the past, some people wanted their furniture polished to a very high degree and this is fine for certain pieces of furniture. However, today, patina is important as it shows the age and history of the piece of a table or chair. A skilled and experience furniture restorer will advise you whether or not you would devalue your piece of furniture by highly polishing the piece. Restoring your furniture may also involve reupholstery as well as a repair.

You may have heard of French polishing and wondered if it was right for your table or sideboard. French polishing is a skill and requires someone with the appropriate training and craftsmanship. It is a wood finishing technique which results in a high gloss surface. Your experienced furniture restorer applies thin coats of shellac which is dissolved in alcohol. The shellac is then applied to the furniture's surface using a pad, such as a woolen pad which is lubricated in oil, for example linseed oil. It is a very lengthy and repetitive process, but it results in a beautiful high gloss finish with a deep colour and chatoyancy. Normally, it is only used on mahogany and other exotic woods.

Finish restoration generally involves bringing the original finish back to life. This can be a lengthy process which requires diligence, craftsmanship and care. Your furniture restorer will use original solvents to de-solidify the solid and may have the extra bonus of cleaning the grime from your original piece. Your furniture piece may then need to be refinished, which involves adding a layer or numerous layers of original finish to your item, such as an antique table or chair. This technique can be used on mid 20th century modern furniture, as well as antique furniture.

The experts at Scott Mathie Upholstery will help guide you as to how best your treasured piece of furniture can be preserved for future generations to admire and enjoy. Get in touch today to find out more.

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