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It is easy to throw away a piece of furniture or chair which is broken or needs repairing, but before you do, you should consider this: why not repair it?

All furniture has been designed to be used, which means at some point in time, damage or wear and tear occurs. It’s natural and inevitable. Even the most expensive antique pieces of furniture and chairs may have seen a repair or two in their day and a repair does not necessarily devalue the piece.

So when do you know when it is worth repairing or reupholstering? Most older pieces of furniture are extremely well made and hand-crafted. A renowned furniture maker may have used exotic timbers such as mahogany, Australian cedar and Huon pine, which are no longer readily available. A skilled furniture restorer can repair the furniture or chair using techniques which keeps the furniture original. 

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A skilled furniture repairer will advise you whether or not your furniture can and should be restored. There may be the odd occasion where an item has such historical value that it is better to preserve the furniture the way it is. 

Yes, it may take time, so don’t expect your piece to be repaired overnight and it may cost you a little more than a new piece of Ikea furniture, but just think, by repairing and reupholstering well-made chairs and furniture, you also have done your little bit to help the environment. You have recycled, reused and reloved your furniture, and possibly even created your own style with your upholstery choice.

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